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Government delays responding to HMCs

Regrettably, the government’s lawyers are moving as slowly as legally possible on our court case against them. The government is neglecting to provide any documentation supporting the Minister of Transportation’s decisions in this case. The Minister apparently hopes that our five companies will give up spending time and money on this fight. We are asking only for the same concessions that Emcon got. so that the playing field is fair for all companies that maintain safe Alberta highways.

Minister Mason still has not defended how or why he made the decision to approve the transfer of Carillion’s highway maintenance contracts to Emcon. There is no backup for the Minister’s claims that he saved money for taxpayers in approving this sole-source deal.

The government lawyers should have provided their documentation in time for our September 7 court date, but they did not. We have also filed a request for Alberta Transportation’s documents under the Freedom of Information Act, and the government responded by saying that we need to pay $32,000 in fees before they will send us anything.

In court on September 7, the government’s lawyers said they could not produce the documents until November 30. The judge gave them until November 15. By then, we are getting into the critical winter road maintenance season.

We are grateful to everyone who has followed our Facebook page and signed our petition. We will continue to push for fairness and value for Albertans.

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