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We are five Alberta Road Maintenance Contractors (HMCs), private companies that operate in Alberta. We are competitors, but we share a common concern about recent actions by the Alberta Minister of Transportation. This website explains the issue and what we are seeking from the Minister.

Alberta Highway Services Ltd.Carmacks EnterprisesLaprairie GroupLedcor GroupVolker Stevin Canada

We have retained legal counsel and filed an application with the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. The court application requests judicial review of the Government of Alberta’s role in the agreement that was announced by the Alberta Minister of Transportation on July 26, 2018. The agreement in question assigns highway maintenance contracts covering 40 per cent of Alberta highways to Emcon Services, a B.C. company. We believe that Alberta Transportation violated its own rules about fair competition for government contracts by approving this agreement.

We have also retained Laurie Stretch as the public spokesperson for our companies in this matter. Our dispute with the Minister of Transportation is not meant to be a partisan issue, and we regret that this action on our part has become necessary. The HMCs have enjoyed an excellent relationship with the professional staff of Alberta Transportation dating back many years. Alberta Transportation has demanded value for Albertans, and in return has consulted constructively and openly with our industry to solve problems. We struggle to understand why the competitive playing field has suddenly been tilted so sharply toward one non-Alberta company.

Before launching our legal action, we have also worked on this issue through our industry association, the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, or ARHCA.